Tired of the same old hard to clean Tile, Cultured Marble and Fiberglass? Our non-porous Tubs, Showers, Wall Systems and Vanity Tops are just as durable and easy to maintain, as they are beautiful. Available in dozens of designs and finishes, our bathroom remodeling products will never stain, discolor and are impervious to mold and mildew. In addition, we custom install every product, so no matter how out of square your bathroom walls are, we can guarantee a perfect fit every time‚Ķsomething Tile, Cultured Marble and Fiberglass just can’t promise. Call today to schedule your free in home bathroom remodel estimate.

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Our natural stone panels are available in a variety of colors.

In predicting the variances found in natural stone, one can only predict common background colors, or overall color shades. As a product of nature, it is these variances that identify natural stone from manmade stones; it is what sets natural stone apart from other design surfaces. when looking at a small sample or swatch color keep in mind this is only a very small representation of the entire panel, you will have lighter and darker areas and veining may not be apparent in the sample color.

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